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How to Amplify your Writing Career or 6 Bad Writing Habits to Drop Right Now

November 3, 2015

Procrastination is my favorite. Ever since I finished my other novel, I can’t seem to get busy on the next one. Puttering doesn’t count.

3064963 woman using laptopPlease welcome guest blogger, Linda Craig. She is a blogger and freelance journalist so spends a lot of time at the keyboard, putting virtual pen to paper. Today, she’s going to share what she avoids in her professional writing. A few of these suggestions may surprise you:

As a creative writer, you really need to develop some good work habits in order to take your business to the next level. Amplifying your career means learning to become more productive, and skipping certain habits that only take up your precious time. By spending less time on unnecessary things, or by correcting certain bad habits, you will enjoy a much more fruitful career.

Advance in your profession as a creative writer by learning what are those bad writing habits you should put away right now:

  1. Procrastination- your worst enemy

“I will write it tomorrow’. How many times does this sentence come into your…

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