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Grandma at the Window

October 28, 2015

Do we ever stop and think about how the little things make such a huge difference in our lives or for others?



‘Grandma in the window’ shares special bond with students that goes beyond a wave

by Alexandra Zaslow
It has become a daily routine for the students on bus No. 7 in Arlington, Washington, to wave to the “grandma in the window.”

Every day for the past five years, you could find 93-year-old Louise Edlen sitting at her dining room table as the busload of schoolkids passed by.

But one day in early October she wasn’t in her usual spot, NBC affiliate KING 5 reported.

grandma in window
Courtesy of Arlington Public Schools
After a few days of not seeing their old pal, the kids got worried. Eventually, they learned she had suffered a stroke.

“It was kind of heartbreaking because she was always there,” seventh-grader Axtin Bandewerfhorst told the station.

But she was apparently still thinking about the 90 boys and girls who zipped past her home every day.

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  1. hmm…heartwarming…hope she’s ok (i didn’t click the link)

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