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I kinda already wrote it…

October 24, 2015

Patricia Johns

Yesterday, I finished up the rough draft of a new manuscript for my American Romance editor. While she really liked the idea, I’m still waiting on the contract, which will hopefully come soon, but there’s a tiny bit of anxiety there. Please, like it! Please, like it… I kinda already wrote it… 

So I’m going to let that book sit for a bit before I start editing it. I love the dynamics that developed in the rough draft, but there really isn’t any point in doing serious editing until I’ve got a bit of perspective.. and a contract. 😉

Now that manuscript is done (for the moment) I’m going to start a new book for Love Inspired. This is another one that the editor really liked, but I’m still waiting on the contract. Still, I love the characters and the way they play off each other, so I’m looking forward…

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