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Dialoge Vs. Narrative: A Primer

October 21, 2015


Dialogue speeds the action up. This is the action of the story as your main character tries to solve whatever problem is dialogue and narrativethe driving force of your plot. If the action is tense, make the dialogue short and abrupt, snappy. Dialogue increases a book’s readability because of all the white space it puts in a book and well, people like to read what the characters are saying rather than being lectured to by the author in narrative. I know, it’s not lecture, but it feels that way to readers, so the more you can do in scene, in dialogue, the better. There is, of course, an upper limit on that, but I’ll talk about that another day.

Dialogue also lets the reader get to know your characters better than any other part of a novel. You get to hear how they express themselves, their choices of words, watch their body…

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