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The WOW factor in gardening

October 19, 2015

Loreeebee: Random Thoughts

What is the WOW factor in gardening, and how do you achieve it?   I call the WOW factor a feature that literally makes me stop in my tracks (or my car)  to admire a plant or group of plants, then dash for my camera.  Wow factors are achieved by choosing what I call a specimen plant (unique or different, and planted singly) as opposed to a common plant (one that everyone else has in their garden, planted in multiple spots throughout the garden)  Choose a plant hardy to your garden zone and give it the conditions and space it requires to achieve greatness.  It may take a few years after planting, but patience will reward you!

I have seen two of these WOW factors recently, one driving from a client’s garden and the second in a client’s garden…

joe pye weed

I had to stop my car and take a picture of…

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