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Ridiculous advertisements for medications that do more harm than good

October 18, 2015

I was on 3 different seizure medications; each one caused unwelcome side effects. Last year, I refused to take any more and the neurologist put me on magnesium. I added 500-1000mg a day to the basic supplements I was already on. The difference with the extra magnesium was amazing. I have been studying more on it. The chemicals added to our food and plants lessen the amount of magnesium we get. Add on top of that a poor appetite, picky eating, medications and you end up getting hardly any magnesium in your diet. I’ve done several blogs on this and still could do a few move. Each one of us is different, and I still have rough days; but I will always keep magnesium in my supplement arsenal.

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I just saw yet another advertisement for a medication on TV and cannot help but wonder if no one else sees how ridiculous the advertisements sound…

First they start off saying how miraculous the drug is and how much it is going to help people who suffer from certain symptoms.  Their life is going to be so much better, why would they not want to try the medication in question.  A no brainer, right?

Then the advertisement goes on to list the possible side effects that may be encountered while taking the drug.  So, take this drug and it may help you, but it may also cause a litany of other problems.  The relief may only be temporary.  Funny how drugs do that, maybe because drugs of any kind affect your body adversely, so it is most likely best to take as few as possible.

Are you willing to take…

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