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Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks / Childbirth Classes

October 18, 2015

I watched the video of the car delivery and I’m not sure I buy it. No guy is going to keep driving under those conditions or remain that calm. Yes, having a baby “pop out” does happen, but calmness never plays a factor.

Do I Look Sick?

As I enter the third trimester, I have a lot more bump pics for you guys.

I’ve been a very busy bee. We attended a friend’s wedding…


I went to the Texas State Fair


And I ate a lot of fried desserts.


My sister bought me my very first actual maternity clothes.


And the household animals are wising up to the fact that there’s a little someone in my belly.


Right now the baby is about the size of a head of cauliflower (and weighs about 2.5 lbs) and we’re just starting the third trimester. If the baby was born today, they’d have about a 90% survival rate – how crazy is that?! No rush little baby – I need these last three months. Your nursery is still empty! But your first baby shower is coming up soon.

So far I’ve done one childbirth class – a basic, cover-all class…

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  1. That’s cool. Congrats on the new little one.

  2. Haha thanks for the reblog!

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