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Advice for New Writers

October 5, 2015

Every writer is unique like he says in this article and others have said. I took the James Patterson’s Online Writing Course and learned a lot. I tried to follow James’ advice on doing an outline. My outlines are rather sketchy, hitting mainly highlights. His example showed lengthy paragraphs detailing everything as the story progresses. I tried, but felt like I was writing the novel instead of just an outline. It’s the only assignment I did not turn in (I think).
I like a shorter outline because things change sometimes. When I first planned the novel Jordan was going straight to her friend in Tx, someone that Paul did not know. Now, I have her traveling the country a bit, hoping to lose him or anyone he hired to follow her. Will this idea work out better than the other way? I don’t know, but it’s changeable. For some reason, she needs to meet that couple and I’m curious why. Do you ever have that happen with your characters?

A Writer's Path


The regular advice: Don’t quit your day-job.

My take: They are right. Don’t quit your day-job,
but make it work for you.

It’s been a little over eight months since I quit teaching to complete Settle Down Now, and the only thing I’m missing is my earnings. I love the writing. I’m getting the hang of marketing my way and I’m learning to be less introverted. But I do need money to live, and so do you.

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