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Why You Should Be Sleeping On Your Left Side

September 29, 2015

This is from the online site of Family Health Freedom Network;  Link for photo: SLEEP-ON-THE-LEFT-SIDE-IS-GOOD-FOR-HEALTH.jpg

It is no secret that sleep is one of the most important parts of your physical and mental health. However, did you know that how you sleep is just as important as how much you sleep? Your chosen sleep position can impact your health, help you keep your skin looking young, and improve your digestive health.
In fact, sleeping on the left side of your body can even save your life. If you do not currently sleep on your left side, keep reading to find out why you should start right now.
Whether you sleep on your front, your back, your left side, or your right side, you are making a choice that is affecting your health. Sleeping on your back can make it more difficult to breathe, which is particularly dangerous for those with sleep apnea or asthma.
Sleeping on your right side tends to worsen digestion problems, while sleeping on your left side may improve digestive symptoms.
Sleeping on your left side can massively improve your health and even save your life. In holistic medicine, the left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side. Sleeping on this side gives your body plenty of time to filter toxins, lymph fluid, and waste through the thoracic duct and the lymph nodes.
Sleeping on your right side may make your lymphatic system run more sluggishly. A lymphatic system that does not run at full efficiency may be incapable of filtering toxins or properly moving lymph fluid throughout the body. Over time, this allows toxins to build up in your body and increase your risk of deadly diseases.
You may also find that sleeping on your left side improves your body’s ability to get rid of toxins through waste. The digestive system works best when you sleep on your left side, allowing your body to promptly extract nutrients and dispose of toxins.
If you naturally sleep on your back, your front, or your right side, you may wonder how you can break that habit and start sleeping on your left side. It does take some time and practice, but with dedication, you can train your body to sleep quickly and deeply in this position.
Try these tips:
Lay on your left side and press a full-length body pillow up against your back. If you start trying to roll over during the night, you will be stopped by the pillow.
Switch which side of the bed you sleep on. This little change can make it easy for you to flip to your other side so that you enjoy the same sleeping experience.
Keep a dim light lit on the table on your right side. Your body will naturally want to stay away from light during sleep, which makes it much easier to stay on your left side.
Making this small change in your sleep routine is one of the best things you can do for your health, so get started tonight.

I thought this was interesting, but I’m not sure how valid it is. I’ve always been more comfortable sleeping on my right side–facing away from the center. It’s safer. My husband is a restless sleeper and I get smacked, covers piled on me, or just simply jostled awake. Once I was awakened by his running. After that I understood why my husband was always tired in the morning. The scariest time was when he raised his leg straight up then slammed it back down on the bed. The noise startled me awake and I was sitting up looking for what made the noise when he did it again. Since reading this, I’ve been trying to sleep more on my left. Last night he threw the covers on me and rested his leg on top of mine. I fell asleep anyway. I don’t think I’ve done it often enough to make a difference; considering we’ve been in the same bedroom for over 20 years, it’s going to take more than a few nights to change.

  1. Now that I’m big pregnant, that’s the only way I can sleep!

    • It’s kind of weird how that happens. It’s almost like the baby is comfortable that way and your stuck with it until he changes positions.

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