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Comida y Mi

September 29, 2015

It’s interesting to read about what others eat. I wonder if the goose liver was fixed correctly. If you’ve never eaten it before, would you know the difference? I have a book planned where I think a restaurant scene like this would work.

dive into my dine


On January 13th I lugged two bulky suitcases and my cheetah Steve Madden carry-on down a JFK terminal with Al and Anne. Hyped, we hustled our way onto a plane and geared up for an eight-hour Iberia plane ride across the AtlanticOcean.

After tossing and turning, a little movie watching and airplane TV gaming, & beingasked “¿pollo o carne?” for dinner, we finally landed.

We touched down in the amazing, lively, culture-enthused city of Madrid, where we’d be staying until May!

We breezedthrough Customs and Student Visa Check but then had to wait three hours for our school to organize and get us -_-


When I studied abroad this past spring semester I was opened up to many new things. I learned time management, someSpanish, how to really interact with a community & to submerge myself in new culture. I became much more independent & was able…

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