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Advice You Don’t Want To Miss On Turning 80

September 26, 2015

Terri Fullerton

Recently my mother-in-law, Lucy Fullerton, shared advice she is compiling on life at 80. She has been 80 a couple years now and has collected some practical advice especially if you want to stay independent. I warmly welcome her to Conversations at the Table.

“After turning 80 years old, I realized life had changed dramatically. All areas of life became different, including your body, brain, emotions, the world, and relationships. It seemed I needed to learn how to be 80. Since there is not much time remaining in this life and not as much room available in my brain for some reason, learning to deal with the “here and now” seemed to be the wise thing to do. I share my experiences and advice to support future “Senior Citizens”.

  1. At night, you will sleep for a while and wake up in the middle of the night. Your mind is clear…

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