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An odyssey through Italy – with Kiwis

September 16, 2015

Matthew Wright

Back in 2001, I was lucky enough to be offered a multi-book contract by Reed NZ Ltd, New Zealand’s oldest publisher – since absorbed by Penguin Random House. Two of the books in that contract completed a trilogy I wrote on the Second New Zealand Division in the Second World War.

Wright - Italian Odyssey 450 px Cover of ‘Italian Odyssey’ Kindle edition. Cassino sketch by Suzy Brown.

They’ve been out of print for years – until now. The third and last has just been re-released on Kindle – Italian Odyssey, the story of the bitter twenty-month campaign in Italy that took the Second New Zealand Division landed in Italy, beginning a twenty month ground campaign that took the New Zealanders from Taranto to Trieste. It was dominated by the two-month siege of Cassino, a bitter struggle in the depths of winter that remains controversial even seventy years on.

Legend has it that Cassino was…

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