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My Church is a Zoo!

September 3, 2015

How delightful! The previous article I was reading from Landon linked me here. Don’t ask me what animal I am and I won’t have to lie. Actually, I haven’t figured it out yet. I know for sure I’m not a Lemur or sea turtle.

Ministry Sauce

To many people, saying that their church is like a zoo would be an insult. In all actuality, general traits that are found in the animal kingdom can be related to personalities found in every church. In order for our churches to run smoothly we must be willing to realize the personality differences among the Family of God for the purposes of plugging people into the right areas of ministry. This would be comparable to Spiritual gift assessments.

In my observation, I have noticed 7 personality traits that are found in every church.

1. Penguin- Many people know the penguin as the animal that always wears a tuxedo. It could be helpful, however to lo0k at one particular trait of this animal to illustrate a common situation that rises in the church setting.  After a penguin egg is hatched, the male penguin sits on the egg for months during the gestation…

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