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Whatever Happened to Mr. Whitfield?

September 2, 2015

I’ve had a number of neighbors in the past that I didn’t want to know.

It Was On My Mind

neighborhoodsWhen I was a kid, growing up in Wilmington, NC, we lived on Merrimack Drive – a flat and sandy street in a neighborhood called Pine Valley. It was a great place to grow up with long straight streets, perfect for bikes or skates and family walks or bike rides around the block after dinner. I learned to ride a bike on that street. I learned to skate on that driveway. My sister and I played for hours in the playhouse my Dad built for us. We rode across the backyard on the zip line he put up using a “pulley” that his Dad had welded for us. It was a different time, with three channels on the TV (Black & White, of course), rotary phones, the cold war and the civil rights movement. A bike was our preferred mode of transportation and in the summer we rode the flat…

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