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Review: EnviroKlenz, Personal Environment Protection for Everyone

September 2, 2015

It’s nice to know there are safe products out there to use.

Do I Look Sick?

Since I started blogging, I’ve learned a lot about MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. People like Kathryn Treat taught me that each person has a chemical load, and if it gets too heavy, your body will fight. Kathryn went from a normal life to being “Allergic to Life.” Her body began to fight everyday chemicals in soaps, fragrance, cleaning products, and the air itself as if it was fighting a deadly illness – that means she became extremely ill when exposed to these every day things.


Each person is different, and there’s no telling how much of a chemical load your body can sustain. It makes sense, then, to cut as many chemicals as you can from your every day life BEFORE you HAVE to for life-threatening reasons. I haven’t done anything crazy – I stopped using perfumes, and only use deodorant and soap with natural fragrances.


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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about these awesome cleaning supplies!

  2. I was glad to hear of these products myself. I miss Kathryn and her posts.

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