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Defining Destiny can lead to love triangles #definingdestiny

September 2, 2015

The Opinionated Woman's Musings

Defining Destiny (Destiny, Book 1): New Adult Romance



This story is set in a reality where everyone has one true soul mate. With that person, everything they do together is better.

Lucy’s soulmate is Caden. When they sing, it is a magical connection that moves people on an emotional level. However, Caden is also selfish and conniving which is why Lucy leaves him.

Seth lost his soulmate in a car accident. He is an artist and she was his inspiration. He is attracted to Lucy but is uncertain where it will lead.


The story is told from the POV of Lucy and Seth. In this reality, soulmate just means there is a strong connection between two people but it does not confirm monogamy.

Caden was a complete douche. For example, he lied and manipulated many times to keep Lucy close. I was annoyed with Lucy for being as nice…

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