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Why are so many Christians Depressed?

August 14, 2015

Trusting God is hard for us to do. I may ask God for help, but usually it’s after I’ve already made a mess of things. Or else, I didn’t think the little problem was worth His attention and it got out of hand before I trusted it to God. This brought to mind my own difficulties with depression, so I’ll do a blog on that soon.

Unshakable Hope

Depression, even among Christians, seems to be rampant today; it’s as if some kind of emotional black plague has crept into the Church.

I read several blog posts and articles every day, but last week was strange; virtually every day I found myself reading posts and articles written by or about Christians battling depression. But by far the most heart-wrenching news of last week (regarding the impact of depression on Christians) wasn’t found on a blog or in a news article; it was a phone call from a close friend telling us about a friend that had committed suicide.

The young man that committed suicide was named Jordan and he was a very talented artist and musician and, more importantly, he was a Christian. (You can see one of his music videos hereand his testimony video here). From what he says in the testimony video, Jordan had battled…

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