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Newsflash: Girls Are Not Distractions

August 3, 2015

This reminded me of the Georgia HS my boys were in. I had to leave work early to take my son home to change. Mind you it was already two o’clock before they called me of his “inappropriate” shirt. I did not know he owned an inappropriate shirt and had no idea what he wore that day. When I arrived at the school there was a large group of girls waiting on the sidewalk for the early bus. My first impression was they were hookers working in front of the school. They had on more jewelry and makeup than fabric. This was the 80’s. I went to the principal’s office to retrieve my son. He was wearing a clean white T-shirt with 3 tiny beer mugs on the left side–not any bigger than 2 postage stamps. I let them know I saw nothing inappropriate about it. When my oldest son got home I was floored to see his shirt. It’s sleeves were torn off and had 3 huge foamy beer mugs splashed across the front. He has a genius IQ and was a hopeful for the football team; whereas the younger one was merely above average IQ and not a football candidate.


The school dress code issue has reared its ugly head once again and everyone is acting like this is a brand-new problem.

Seriously? Every generation of adults since the beginning of time has felt that the younger generation dresses inappropriately.

Those kids are too sexual! Too sloppy! Just plain disrespectful!

(Photo: US magazine) (Madonna – the queen of wearing underwear as outerwear. Photo: US magazine)

The problem now is that we are supposed to have evolved. As a society, we are supposed to understand that girls are not objects and boys are not weak-willed lust-machines controlled by their hormones.

We need to give our children some credit.

Saying that girls need to watch the way they dress because they could distract the boys is insulting to both boys and girls. And it’s sexist. Honestly, I spent most of my school years distracted by boys. And they weren’t scantily dressed boys. Just boys. Cute boys. Funny…

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