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Nice blog. Pity if anything, you know, ‘happened’ to it…

July 29, 2015

Apparently there has been some problems with a WordPress upgrade. I haven’t noticed any issues with my sight, but I haven’t been on it for a few days.

Matthew Wright

WordPress did something horrible to my blog on Monday.

Essential writing fuel! Essential writing fuel!

My header and background suddenly vanished and nothing I did could restore it. I did some checking and discovered I wasn’t alone – most of the WordPress community had been hit by it. Apparently it was a botched attempt by WordPress to adjust the menu system.

Eventually the header came back OK, but the background wasn’t editable any more unless I paid for an upgrade. All of which spurred me to organise a complete redesign with another theme. And I wonder about porting my blog to my own setup. I haven’t yet, but I’ll let you know if I do. It won’t fix WordPress’s relentless tinkering with their UI, but does mean I won’t be blind-sided by any future decisions.

I have a 27-inch monitor, so it’s difficult for me to check out whether the new look works well on…

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  1. I haven’t had any problems like that either, thankfully. My main gripe with WordPress is the lack of Google+ and Pinterest widgets. =)

    • I don’t do Google or Pinterest, so that’s not an issue–yet. When my next novel comes out, I’m sure I’ll be wishing those were available. I’m glad you liked the email Phishing post. I was worried it was old news, but I guess it’s an ongoing problem.

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