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5 Top Steps to Market Your Books this Summer

July 20, 2015

I’ve never given a couple of these any thought. Now I know better!


If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know I’ve written dozens of books, most on computer education for K-8 and one on getting into the USNA. Here’s what I’m doing this summer to spread the word about these books:

  1. Tweak my publisher’s presentation of my work. I’m at Structured Learning (BTW, you can share your books there, too. You keep ownership and all the money. They charge a set-up and monthly fee to promote your books to their subscribers). I haven’t changed the presentation of my books for a while and it’s important to make changes to web material to grab the attention of spiders and bots. And, I want to make sure the message remains focused, clear, uncluttered.
  2. Clean up my blogs. They have a few broken links, some stuff that is no longer relevant, and who knows what else. I’ll figure it out when I get into it.

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