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Sevan’s First Acting Experience

July 13, 2015

My grandson Sevan wrote this and I typed it in exactly as written, ignoring my strong urges to edit. He is spending the week with me. This is his first experience blogging. He is looking forward to your responses.
He will turn 14 on July 17. The play is basically Cinderella with Toby as the narrator.

I never thought I would be big on drama camps but I was able to try one this summer, and it was amazing! I’m not going to go into detail but I just wanted to say that if you see something interesting, try it!

I was very hesitant about joining a drama camp but now I’m doing TAAG (Thursday Afternoon Acting Group) during my school year and coming back next year! Trying something new can be very fun or not so much but you may never know until you try it!

I was in a play called “A Toby Show” and I was the Prince. I was talking alone on a stage in front of 250 strangers. You may be thinking that it’s a lot of people, well it was but once the lights are dimmed you can’t see the people past the third row. Then once you are off the stage you really want to go back on.

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