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How to Describe an American–if You Aren’t

July 7, 2015

I’d like to know how to characterize people from other countries. I heard a guy on TV say he wasn’t allowed to dance because boys don’t dance in his culture. I missed what country he was from. I know it’s important to have the character fit with his culture.


If your novel deals only with Americans, skip this post.unknown american

If you’re in the POV of a foreign character who interacts with Americans, or if you’re showing the reaction of a foreigner to an American, read on.

When I introduced non-Americans into my novel, I realized quickly they didn’t seem authentic. So I started reading blogs and forums of foreigners, see how they talked and thought and the connections they made between events. Then, I morphed to their attitudes toward Americans and our stuff–our patriotism, work ethic, individuality, those things that we take for granted but the rest of the world finds odd. That’s where I found the core of my foreign characters.

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