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7 Truths That Are Often Forgotten

May 29, 2015

I thought this fit in nicely for this week’s Faith Filled Friday.

Ministry Sauce

7 TruthsMany of us get into our daily routines, and simply try to survive the ups and downs of life. Occasionally, we find time to have social contact with others to keep our sanity in tact, and we fit in the seldom attempted vacations to allow our minds to drift as somewhat of a reboot. A reboot that is absolutely needed…perhaps needed more than we allow it for ourselves. There is nothing inherently wrong with this idea, but as we live life it is easy to go about our days in a trance and at times we are jolted into reality by something that catches our attention…something that is worth our energy. Other times, we may allow ourselves to drift to the confortable topics of life, and forget very important details to make way for other things in our minds.

I think, today, we need to be reaquainted with 7 Truths…

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