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The Gospel of Lady Gaga

May 26, 2015

She has a beautiful voice.

Chris Linzey

Like millions of other people around the world, last night my wife and I watched the 87th Academy Awards. For the most part, the show was pretty routine. But one of the elements that DID stand out was Lady Gaga’s “The Sound of Music” medley.

Quite simply – it was phenomenal.

I saw a lot of Christians on social media talking about how much they loved it. Not just liked it – they LOVED it. But it’s not just because you have to love The Sound of Music in order to be a good Christian (that’s a given).

The real reason for Christianity’s overwhelming exclamation of affection for Gaga’s performance was aesthetically driven. Let’s be honest – there are probably a good many conservative Christians who don’t really listen to Lady Gaga but only know her from photographs and media coverage.

And, once again, let’s be honest – Lady Gaga’s…

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