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Top 14 – Sulphur Dioxide – Sulphite Allergy

May 24, 2015

Itch, swell, ooze and wheeze

This allergy makes the Food Standards Agency list of top 14 allergens which needs to be monitored, assessed and declared in food packaging and restaurants in the United Kingdom.

Sulphites (or sulfites as they are known in most other countries) are different from other allergens in the top 14 as they are inorganic salts with preservative properties rather than food proteins.  Allergy UK estimates that this allergy only affects 2% of the population, but that this can rise in asthmatics up to 13%.  As this is not usually a classic IgE allergy the symptoms are usually either from contact in the form of rashes or from asthma symptoms.


Sufferers may find that they are able to tolerate a low sulphite diet rather than avoiding completely, but it is still important to read labels and be aware of foods which naturally contain sulphites.


It has been suggested that the best way to…

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