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10 Digital Tricks to Add Zip to Your Roadtrip

May 14, 2015


Last week, my daughter and I drove from Southern California to Washington DC–her new duty station with the Navy. I could share the glorious national wonders we encountered (the Grand Canyon, Nashville TN, the extremely understanding Texas police, that sort), but I thought instead I’d share with you how we used two smart phones and two iPads to make the seven-day trip across 2600 miles, seven states and one District, through cities and towns, find hotels and gas stations (ranging in price from $4.98 in California to $3.03 somewhere in Tennessee), entertain ourselves, and do whatever else came up on the daily twelve-hour journey:

  • We started at AAA getting their electronic Triptik that mapped our route across the country. This was a general guide which provided the broad strokes for our trip
  • We used Google Maps when we were looking for hotels, restaurants, or gas stations, or wanted to checked…

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