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Strange Phrases – Say what?!?

May 11, 2015


E.A. Henson Books

Quotation MarksThere are three sayings off the top of my head (oops, that’s another one) that seem strange or highly false to me.  Here goes:

1. “Ahh, I slept like a baby last night!” – So, you awoke every few hours because you were hungry and then, having realized your discomfort, decided you needed to awaken the rest of humanity?  Hm, I’m sorry you slept so badly … and I’m sorry for anyone who lives with you.

2. “Can I pick your brain?” – No, Hannibal!  Get away from me!  I mean, where did that phrase even come from!?!  Gross – just gross.

3. Sorry for this one but it must be said: All the phrases having to do with … well, throwing up.  I refuse to go into them here.  REFUSE!  I mean, we’ve all been there and it ain’t pretty.  No matter who you are, how sophisticated, good looking, intelligent…

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