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Who is your Peter Pan?

May 10, 2015

So sweet!

E.A. Henson Books

Neverland Map

Who is your Peter Pan?

Now that I’m grown, I have been banished

or perhaps my way in just vanished

to a land of dreams, a kingdom of play

where freedom ever rules the day.

When I was young I too played there

with hardly a worry and never a care.

Don’t mind me while I pen your Neverland,

but dare I ask, who is your Peter Pan?

Play on my little lost boy,

flutter free my tiny Tink

never asking how your fairytale

received its magical ink.

The mermaid’s hair is braided with a practiced hand,

and aborigines need sheets, teepees for their band.

That war paint and your buried treasure

look awfully familiar….

May I ask who it was that filled your bubbly lagoon,

and outfitted the pirates beneath the many moons?

Don’t mind me listening as you promise faith and trust.

I’m just here pouring out a…

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