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An Honest Letter to Jesus

May 3, 2015

I think he was reading my thoughts the day he wrote this!

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Letter to JesusDear Father,

We need to talk. I know it has only been a few hours since I sat down and had a time of prayer, but I can’t help but think you didn’t hear me. Why? I assume this, not because I think you don’t listen, but because of what and how I prayed. I was in a rush, and didn’t really approach you with the reverence and awe that I should feel. I just…talked. Not only this, but I lied in my prayer and said things I don’t believe. We need to talk because I need to point out the lies I told you in my last prayer. I just want to be honest even if it hurts your feelings. Let’s see…where do I begin?

First, I called you sovereign. Meaning, I implied that you are the ruler of my life. That was a big lie, because of the…

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