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A One Track Mind

April 30, 2015

Morning Story and Dilbert

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
April 30, 1990

Eddie Arcaro dreamed of becoming the world’s greatest jockey. But after watching him ride a horse for five minutes, reality reflected a harsh contradiction. He was awkward, clumsy and he couldn’t do one thing right.

He was left behind at the post, he got trapped in traffic jams, he got bumped and boxed in and every other conceivable or inconceivable mishap was his stock-in-trade and appeared to be his destiny. In his first 100 races he never even came close to winning. Still, he got right back on and tried again. He was determined to cross that finish line in first place.

Even as a schoolboy, Eddie had set his own track in life. Because he was only a little over five feet tall and weighed barely 80 pounds, the other students shunned him or picked on him. So he played hookey instead, hanging out…

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