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So what’s the harm in a few careless words?

April 27, 2015


We are all unique. God created each of us with different giftings and talents. The Word of God tells us so. We are all needed to perform the complete function of the body of Christ through the beautiful working of the Holy Spirit through us.  I have noticed, and I am sure I am not alone in this, that one of the ways I am able to tell I am not abiding in Christ is by my words. Every once in a while I find myself responding to someone or some situation with a careless response. A response that hasn’t been thought out. Just a plain old flesh answer or response. Sadly this kind of response can sometimes be hurtful to the one on the receiving end and it can also cause harm to the causes of the Kingdom of God.  Many relationships, marriages and friendships have been destroyed by careless words!…

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