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Listening With Your Eyes

April 24, 2015

This poem is by David Mielcarek on LinkedIn, Apr 16, 2015
Application/DB Engineer, Systems Admin » Writer ★ Artist

Peer into the distance as a stranger comes to view
quickly evaluate if they are important, a value to you.

Look away from the new person nearing your space,
pretend to look at your phone, pick up the pace.

Your peripheral range lets you judge when its time,
to once again look forward, avoiding isn’t a crime.

Coming to a place where you must enter a line of ones,
one person with shiny boots, another one person from slums.

All these individuals are examined for their values and traits,
will you strike up a conversation? Or focus on the gate?

Darting the eyeballs allows no direct point of view,
for the others are just obstacles, its all about you.

But, then you see a smile form on a face in the crowd,
that face is staring at you, no longer covered in shroud.

You force yourself to look back and feel the corners of your mouth,
start to form a pleasant expression, expressing less doubt.

Within the eyes, the face, the body gestures you share,
you both connect at a level, and soon you both care.

Who is that other person? What has their day been like?
Maybe we can be friends? Do they like to ride a bike?

In the short moments of viewing the stranger no more,
you had lots of silent conversations, you both opened the door.

For the eyes are not just for looking, but allow you to hear
things that are not spoken, but can become very clear.

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