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Earth Day: A Liberal Hoax?

April 24, 2015

It is our job to take care of our orb.

Chris Linzey

Today is Earth Day!Earth

I hope you remembered to buy her something nice this year. And no, she doesn’t want a box of chocolates.

While liberals are getting all lovey-dovey over Mother Earth, hard core conservatives are doing their very best to expose this green fraud of a day! I’ve seen conservative Christian even use biblical justification for why we SHOULDN’T practice conservation and celebrate Earth Day. The Bible DOES say, after all, “Heaven and earth shall pass away…” (Matthew 24:35) and God DOES command us to have dominion over the earth, not to be tree-hugging pansies.

These are great examples of misusing the Bible to suit your own purposes. It’s called “proof-texting,” finding a few verses (almost always out of context) to PROVE whatever point you already believe.

Except the Bible doesn’t give the thumbs up to destroying the earth for the sake of humanity. In fact, there is…

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