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7 Questions Christians Need to Ask Themselves | In Other Words

March 27, 2015

Excellent questions

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countrychurchOn a daily basis, hundreds of questions come to mind about this faith that I profess. As a pastor, sometimes it is hard to admit that there are times that I need to be intentional about my spiritual growth. This type of progression doesn’t come naturally, because I think humanity’s natural tendency is to follow that which is comfortable and easy. “Comfortable and easy” has me written all over it. Even though this is the case, there are frequent occasions when I need to get real with myself and ask the hard questions. Allow me to take the time to invite you into my own growth process for a few minutes…It is possible you may have to ask yourself these questions too.

Among hundreds of others, I think there are 7 Questions Christians Need to Ask Themselves.

1. Why Do I Follow Jesus? 

I often think about the stories in the Bible…

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