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Mechanical Working of Metals

March 22, 2015

Terrific explanation of metals.

Justin Jacob

Mechanical working of metals means an intentional deformation of metals plastically, to provide it the desired shape and size, under the action of externally applied forces. This plastic deformation of a metal takes place, when the stress caused in the metal, due to the applied forces, reaches the Yield Point (point where material stretches suddenly under applied force).

The two phenomena governing this plastic deformation of a metal are:

Deformation by Slip, that is deformation takes place along the slip plane of metal which is subjected to the greatest shearing stress on account of applied forces.
Deformation by Twin Formation, that is deformation occurs along two parallel planes of metals , these planes are called twinning planes and portion of grains covered between them is twinned region.

The deformation is quicker at higher temperature because the bond between the atoms of the metal grains is reduced…

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