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How to Hold Successful Readings and Book Signings

March 13, 2015

I want to make the book signings for my next book a huge success. These tips will help.

Renee Johnson Writes

Writers are frequently cautioned that becoming published is only a beginning step and to cherish the time we have before demands for publicity become paramount.

We don’t listen. Somehow the elusive publishing contract seems the finale, the main goal, the winning touchdown during overtime — game over!

If you enjoy speaking in public, think fast on your feet, and have good friends who will show up just in case nobody else does, then you are in the right business!

I have always adored going to readings held by authors whose work I admire. Knowing they are delivering each word with the exact inflection they intended when the scene was written, gives me chills, and enhances the enjoyment of the work.

Acquisition reading with poster

But when one of my friends who attended the reading of ‘Acquisition’ at the Wilkes County Public Library last night said that of me, it was truly meaningful. She even…

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