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Why is Honesty so Difficult as a Writer?

February 27, 2015

I loved the touch of humor that went with this–er, at least I hope she meant to use humor. I’d like to have one of my characters use that comment about sticking their tongue in a fan.


Sometimes, I find writing so difficult, I’d rather stick my tongue in a fan. Or become an accountant. But writing isn’t a choice. It’s a disease without a cure. It’s a stalker you can’t escape. It’s a shadow that

Credit: Strings Magazine

disappears at high noon. It’s the worst four words in the English language: I am a writer.

Why did I ever say those words? Can I take them back? Writing! It festers like a brown spider bite. It takes over all my free time–I work. I write. I sleep. I eat–while I write.

Truth, that’s not what’s most difficult about this life. If my pen exploded with the perfect words, beautiful phrases, well-developed paragraphs, nail-biting chapters, scintillating characters, I would quit my day job and write till my hard drive burst and then buy a new one. What’s difficult is not success, but failure–or fear of…

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