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Stupid Mistakes My Agent Found in My WIP

February 27, 2015

I think this might be the problem with my current novel. I’ve got too many voices that talk all the same.


Anyone who is out there writing every day, putting their thoughts and skill on the line, studying and improving their craft, is going to succeed. Maybe not as an NYT best-seller or a

writers mistakes

Tom Clancy read-alike, but if you truly study the art of writing and use what you’ve learned, you will succeed.

In my case, I’ve taken classes on writing (no MFA, though. My college brain was focused on an MBA, back when I thought I’d be a tycoon of business), attended more than a boat-load of conferences and seminars, submitted to the agony of having my writing critiqued, shared my secret life with friends and colleagues, read a library full of how-to-write books, and gotten a few books published along the way–all steps that establish me as a writer in my mind’s eye. I know the rules and believe I’ve paid at least a part of the considerable…

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