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They say to never look up twice

February 18, 2015

A Writer’s Path blog suggested using the sentence: They say to never look up twice for a story start. I’m not sure how much this is like a story, but it’s what popped into my feeble brain and I had fun with it. Isn’t that what counts the most–having fun with your writing?

They say to never look up twice.

The first time I looked up was because of a noise.
A sharp cracking sound. Yet I saw nothing.
I walked on enjoying the brisk breeze and hint of warmth from the pale sun.
For the past two days my world had been through a winter storm.
On the first day, slushy cold rain fell all day.
Tree branches kept falling from the heavy weight of the sleet,
making a loud thunk when they hit on the cold hard ground before shattering.
By evening the rain stopped and the clouds moved on.
The setting sun glistened on the half frozen water,
creating orange and silver beads, like jewels dancing along the branches.
After the sun set and the temperatures dropped everything froze, covered in ice.
Fierce cold winds blew all night and the next day,
sending ghostly howls down the chimney.
Tree branches groaned, no graceful swaying in their frozen state.
Then this morning–sunshine!
The warm sun melts the ice slowly, trying its best to thaw the frozen world.
A cold wind shivers the trees causing the chunks of ice to clatter to the hard ground.
The aged plum tree splintered, only one small branch stretching upward, ever hopeful.
The sun disappears. I look up again, fearful that dark clouds have come again
to plunge my world into another dismal storm.
Foolish of me to look up again when I know what’s there.
It was too late. Another chilly breeze stirred the air and the branches above me.
My up-turned face, hopeful yet fearful,
became the target of a shower of small icy shards falling from the branches.

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