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A Series on Paul | Comforted and Caring

February 9, 2015

“The more we care for others, the more joy and comfort we will receive.”

Defying Shadows

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 7:5-7

We have all been depressed at one point or another in our lives. Sometimes the reason or reasons are pretty obvious: an experience of grief or loss, stressful work environment, financial strain, illness, lack of rest, tension in relationship, lack of sunshine in winter, loneliness, or some other reasons that we can easily tell. Other times the reason might be indirect; we cannot seem to explain why, but we just feel the stress.

In the Bible, even a spiritual giant like Apostle Paul felt downcast at times. Although Paul did not talk much about himself except perhaps his ministry, his ministry was a big part of him, so through his ministry we also have a glimpse of his emotional world.

We have seen him feeling great pressure far beyond his ability to endure (2 Cor 1:8; see also Comforted and Comforting). Recalling a separate but…

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