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Faith Filled Friday – NIGHT SHIFT

January 30, 2015

Some of us work night shift at some time during our careers. There are times that some repairs or downloads can only be done during night shift. There is supposed to be less interference during the night, but those of us who have worked it know better. A lot of businesses run a night shift, particularly fast food restaurants. God works all three shifts, mostly behind the scenes, getting everything in order for us. The following is from David A. Wood Ministries.

The Israelites were fleeing from the Egyptians. Pharaoh’s army was pursuing them. When they reached the sea there was no way to cross, and they were surrounded by the wilderness. 

A hopeless situation? Perhaps! But, note the words of Moses.
”Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD…..” (Ex. 14:13)

In today’s parlance, they were between a rock and a hard place. [A large problem behind – an insurmountable problem ahead – nowhere to turn – no one to help! Sound familiar??]

 The Israelites stood still!! (They had nowhere to go.) The rest of the day passed, and night came with no evidence that God was doing anything to help them.

What a long, frightening night that must’ve been for them. 
– They could HEAR the tossing waves of the sea in front of them.
 – They KNEW that Pharaoh’s army was was behind them.
 – They THOUGHT that they would be overtaken by the morning. 
– To make matters WORSE, a terrible east wind battered their camp all night.
 They must have thought that God had forsaken them!!!

BUT GOD worked for “them” all that night.

”… and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night….”
 Exodus 14:21

The next morning they SAW the salvation of the Lord. He had parted the sea so that they could cross safely.

 In the same way, there were times when we SEE no evidence that God is answering our prayers. We THINK that things are out-of-control, but God has not lost control!!!

 God is working for us whether we see the evidence of His work or not. In due time, we will see that He has answered our prayers in the way that is best.

 What a joy it will be every morning this week to get up believing that “God works in the night”!!

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