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Yes, that was me…

December 31, 2014

Yes, that was me…

By noon it will be all over the neighborhood anyway. I probably looked like I had lost my last marble to all the cars driving past. The vacuum cleaner might have been easier, but then I, myself, would have thought that I had truly lost my senses using that.
You see people outside sweeping porches, sidewalks, and even several months ago, I watched a woman meticulously sweeping her grass.
Truly now, is it so odd to be sweeping the side of the road? That’s was I was doing earlier this morning. Maybe it’s not that crazy, but I certainly felt silly doing it.
A couple of days ago, the sun glinted down on a small puddle of shiny glass at the end of our driveway, smack dab in the middle. I had planned to check it out when I came back home, but forgot. I didn’t go out the next day and my husband drove yesterday. I still did not think about it again until this morning when the sun glinted all over it again as I was headed to prayer meeting at church.
You might ask why worry about it. I have several reasons; the primary one being that I did not want a flat tire. The other is that there is no sidewalk from just before my house on up. People walk along the side of the road. We are a small town and I see a number of walkers going up and down, some with dogs and some in pairs. I did not want anyone getting hurt on the glass.
This morning I remembered when I came back home. The one thing I noticed was that even though the sun was still brightly shining, the glass was not glinting. I parked and got my straw broom off the porch. It gets worked hard with sweeping the porch and front steps and generally stays on the porch.
I swept and ignored the cars. I could imagine their silly chatter about the crazy lady sweeping the road. Maybe someone even snapped a photo and my notoriety will be all over Facebook! Then I got to thinking about using this for a character in a book. How would she react? Maybe I should make it happen to a guy? Me, I’d laugh it off, but what if it angered my character, or maybe scared him because he was supposed to be in hiding? Maybe he finally meets the girl of his dreams through this?
The road surface was rough, cracked and uneven so sweeping the glass up was not as easy as I expected. There was only one flat 3×3-inch piece and all the rest were tiny shards. It was not rounded like bottle glass. It was thin and light-weight, reminding me of picture frame glass. Do they use glass anymore for those?
The biggest piece I threw away inside a carton in my household trash along with a pull-top lid someone had so graciously thrown there.
We live next to a busy highway. It amazes me how much people throw out of their cars. Most of the time we get Styrofoam cups, bits of paper, gum wrappers and a few plastic soda/water bottles. A few weeks ago someone threw the entire Styrofoam take-out container into our front yard!
It’s not that they have a particular vendetta against me, you can see the trash all up and down the road when you take your walk. The people that drive through here seem to be nothing but slobs.
I’m still waiting for a generous person to throw out a couple hundred dollar bills.

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  1. Good for you for vacuuming up the glass. I live on a busy street and sometimes people throw whole sacks of trash out their car windows. Why can’t they take their trash home. Is it that hard to throw your own trash away. Sorry for ranting – it is a pet peeve of mine that people litter. I was taught as a kid to pocket my trash until I could throw it in a trash can.

    • Let’s call it venting–that’s healthier than ranting, besides I agree with you. I have to dump my purse out in the evening to get rid of tissues, gum or candy wrappers, etc. I figure they think I need the exercise. Honestly, I’d had to see their homes. They must live in absolute filth.
      Happy New Year!

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