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It Was For Me

October 29, 2014

I’d love to hear the music that goes with this.

Chris Martin Writes

Just wanted to share some lyrics I wrote back in 2011. Not sure if I ever posted them on here. I had a friend of mine, also with the name Chris, write the melody. I’ll have to get my wife to demo this song one day, and I will add it to her music page.

It Was For Me
© 2011 Chris Martin/Chris Burnett

(verse one)

Welcome to my world of desperation
Welcome to the shadows of my dreams
Looking for the One who brings salvation
One who knows the deepest part of me

Futile words on paper tell the story
Darkness hides my hope of finding peace
Doubt becomes the antonym of glory
As my soul dissolves into the sweet release


What is amazing grace
Why is there power in the cross
Why did God send His Son
And suffer through such loss

Drops of blood on a…

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