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4 Ways The Church Has Misguided America

September 22, 2014

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misguidedIf there is one thing I can’t stand it is pastors or theologians who spend most of the time bashing the church and telling us all the things we are doing wrong. On one hand, I understand that there needs to be a firm, prophetic voice that arises from time to time to get the bride of Christ back on track. This should not be news to anyone. There are some, however that are just plain (for a lack of a better word) grouchy about every square inch of what the church takes part in. Brothers and sisters, I hope you do not think this is me, and you realize that I love being a pastor, and wouldn’t trade my calling for anything. As many pastors, much smarter than me, have reiterated, “the Church is God’s plan to convey the Gospel to the world…there is no plan B.” So, I hope…

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