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When You Call Me a Hurtful Nickname

September 8, 2014

This is awesome!

Lipreading Mom

This week, a child who I don’t know very well called me a hurtful name, ‘Deaf F—–‘ (Rhymes with Maggot).’ Instead of staying upset at him (he later apologized), I wrote “The Power of a Name.” You are welcome to share this with anyone you think it may help.

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Before you continue to call me by a nickname, consider the power behind it.

When you continue to call me Jerk, I may begin to see myself this way and, instead of becoming a nicer person, I will believe I am a jerk and continue to treat you this way.

When you continue to call me Stupid, I might let that word sink to my core and influence my thoughts and choices for the rest of my life.

When you continue to call me Slob, I likely will not pick up after myself any faster but…

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