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Response to “LIKE”

August 29, 2014

Someone made a smart-aleck remark about my liking my own blog. I don’t suppose they considered it was an accident on my part? I wasn’t thinking–it was like a knee-jerk reaction, only it would have to be called “finger-jerk reaction”. I had read through the list looking for a line that had an odd phrasing which I planned to do another blog on. I finished reading down and clicked ‘like’ before I realized it. Habit? Since I’m not all that blog literate and did not know if I could click again to undo it, I left it as is.
No harm, no foul, I thought; but I was mistaken. It terribly upset at least one person who was not even brave enough to leave a name–all I got was “no reply.” Apparently, they have not been reading my blogs to know how sick I’ve been and should be entitled to an error.
No, I’m not vain. You do have to have some sense of your own abilities, no matter who you are or what you do. When I worked as a nurse, I knew I was a good nurse–not necessarily the best and brightest, but knowledgeable and caring to my patients. If I didn’t have that confidence, I would have made a poor nurse.
You can expect me to make mistakes. No matter how many times I re-read my blogs (or manuscripts), I’ll find a typo or two after posting. I’m not perfect and won’t be that way until I get to heaven.
And yes, I did like the post and thought it was funny. It makes perfect sense to like what you post or re-post. Frankly, I could probably do 100 blogs a day if I posted everything; but who wants to be bothered with that many blogs coming around? I’m bad enough about doing that on facebook!
Just in case you’re curious, that line I was looking for was not on this list. I’ll have to look at the other post. I’m ticked off enough at myself for forgetting to save it before filing, without having to get a stupid remark from a jerk.
In spite of my worry over my heart health, this post is done with some humor. Certainly, there will be a place in a book for this. As it stands, I feel sorry for the person who lacks so much self-confidence and self-worth, they have to tear down others to make their own ego feel better.

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  1. Yes, I do the same thing, though I lkike how WordPress aswers back that you are being vain. Smiles…>KB

    • I thought it was from an unknown person, but after I blogged my retort and went to save the comment, I noticed it was from wordpress. They did it to the tune of “You’re so Vain” that old hit from the 70s (I think, maybe 60s?). I missed that when I first read it. However, that still does not change my feelings about what they said. It was unnecessary and hurtful, not cutesy like they wanted. I’m pretty sure I’ve clicked ‘like’ on one of my blogs in the past, but never got this message. Maybe they changed things with the new format. I’m curious if anyone else has gotten the same message.

      • My response to WordPress would be, “If you think it’s so bad, you should hire some software programmers who can write code to prevent it. Should be really easy to do in today’s technological world.”

      • I wish they would have done something different–a little gentler like “Oops! Did you mean to do that?” I still hear that stupid song running through my head. I thought about doing it again and see if I got the same message, or if they’d send something worse. Funny thing is that I’ve been trying to come up with an email that would seem threatening to my character Jordan, but not to the police. I had not thought of using song lyrics, but that would work. All I have to do now is find a song or two with the right kind of lyrics. I’ll probably use “You’re so Vain” for one (only a couple lines with a few minor word changes), but I’d like something a little worse for the second one. While the email is scary enough, what bothers Jordan more is that he found her again. That means she has to run. It’s funny how this stupid incident turned out for the best.

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