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rosé: the summer wine craze of 2014

August 8, 2014

Now you can make a jam for those 18 and older


Rosé is having a Moment. Seriously, it’s like everyone all of the sudden everyone discovered that this wine exists and are drinking it like it won’t exist when September 1 arrives. To prove this phenomenon, here are a few of the crazier things I’ve seen this summer.

1 sephora claims that their new nail colors are based on rosé

rose nail polishApparently neon nail colors usually spike in summer. But this year, it’s been all about soft pinks. Why? Sephora’s blog said it’s because of rosé.

“In the last decade, rosé has become the summer drink that everyone, foodie or not, has an opinion on…Inexpensive compared to many reds and whites, rosés are an affordable luxury—much like manicures.”

I mean, anyone who can compare something non-wine to wine is awesome in my book. They go on to explain:

“Picture a scarlet-flushed wine glass on an elegant white tablecloth. Then picture it at a garden…

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