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Please No More Corny Jokes!

August 7, 2014

I like corny jokes, but I try to keep them to a minimum. I haven’t shared any in a while on my blog, so I guess I need to look for a few.

Chris Linzey

cheesy cheese and corny corn

For the last week I’ve been posting a lot of corny jokes on social media. I mean – A LOT.

I’m sure it’s caused some to unfollow or mute me. That’s fine – it’s your right to do so. Heaven knows I mute and unfollow enough of you. 😉

I’ve even hear a lot of people gripe and complain about the groaners. Yup – some of them are pretty bad…. No, wait – they’re all terrific, you just need to work on your sense of humor!

But I decided last week to be intentional about putting out a healthy dose (yes, I suppose the amount is debatable) of corny jokes. Last week I reached a near breaking point seeing “Christian” people go bananas, posting things filled with anger and venom. It was enough to make me ask, “Why am I even here?” I thought, “There’s gotta be something better we…

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