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Pre-Operation Report

July 9, 2014

Going to through surgery is never easy; even when the procedure is simple. Rachel takes us through, step-by-step, her experience.

Do I Look Sick?

I know many of my friends and family are anxious to hear the latest as I go in to surgery, and I also know that sharing my experience step by step could be very helpful to fellow endo sisters about to undergo a laperoscopy, so I thought I’d keep a little log of my experiences as I go. Nothing too fancy, especially since I’m feeling so sick right now. I’m very grateful to have so many people looking out for me, and for the opportunity to help others. This will be my third surgery for endo, so I’m a veteran.

A pre-op appointment consists of three steps: Doctor’s office, Hospital admitting, and pre-surgery testing and orientation.

At the doctor’s office, it was a pretty quick visit – in part because I’ve done this twice already. They took my vitals and the doctor listened to me breathe and made sure my…

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