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I’m Not Intolerant, I’m a Christian

July 4, 2014

I may falter, but I’d rather know that I have a place in heaven as opposed to going to hell. People tell me I’m not a good Christian when I complain about obama. He does get me riled up, but at prayer time God and I sort it out.

Chris Linzey


Over the last few days I’ve had several experiences with people regarding the idea of Christian intolerance and -phobia. In case you didn’t know, the in-thing is to take whatever Christians are against and add -phobe or -phobia to the word, thus creating a new word that labels the Christian as a hater.

Do you disapprove of homosexual behavior? You’re a homophobe.
Do you disagree with Muslim faith? You’re an Islamophobe.

Apparently anything you stand against is now something you’re afraid of. Except the definition of phobia is now being broadened to include “dislike of a specified thing or group.”

That makes me:

– a greenbeanophobe (never liked ’em – never will)
– a V8ophobe (c’mon, drinking tomato juice?!?)
– a wasabiphobe (I thought it was something else when I put a whole spoonful in my mouth…)

and a whole host of other things I dislike. It’s misleading to attach…

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